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Weekly Drop of Wisdom | Let's Learn A Little About Essential Oils

People ask me all the time, “What are essential oils?" They also say, "I didn't know that I could use them internally.” While millions around the world use essential oils every day, these gifts of the earth are still a mystery to so many.

Homemade Essential Oil Infused Chakra Popsicles

The children have been home all summer long and we have been exploring different adventures and projects to do.

African Peanut Stew w/ Ginger Essential Oil

A year ago around this time, I was in Tallahassee, Florida doing the cooking show, Stirrin' It Up with Chef Beee at a...

3 Ways to Stay On Your Food Game This Holiday Season

We know that during the holiday season, there is a lot of indulgence taking place. You will probably eat foods that y...

Vegan Larb Salad

My LOVE of Thai Cuisine is an understatement. Such bold and rich flavors in one dish! Back in the day, I frequented a...

White Bean Soup with Kale, Sesame Seeds and Essential Oils

I don't know about you, but when it is cold outside, nothing warms you up like a good ole cup of soup. Try this simpl...

Channa Masala

You know, since I started hosting Stirrin' It Up with Chef Beee and Friends" Plant-Based Cooking Show, I have met so ...

Cauliflower Fritters Vegan Style

Cauliflower Fritters Vegan StyleI received a post this morning from a friend who shared a video with me on how to mak...

Smoothie Bowl with Power Berries + Coco Nibs

Happy First Day of April! I am starting the month off detoxing and getting ready for Spring! Here is my morning start...
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