Greetings Y'all! I am Chef Beee.

Author of Let Plants Nourish You and your Holistic Wellness Coach.



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Welcome to Nyansapo Wellness Institute! We specialize in holistic business and wellness coaching for Black women entrepreneurs. Our offerings help you to prioritize self-care, align with your purpose, select nourishing foods for vitality and we equip you with the necessary tools to develop and succeed in your business. We do this through our weekly meal prep program, Essential Meals 2Go!, empowered business coaching offered through the Healing Me First Wellness Center, Seasonal Cleanses and more!

Meet our founder, D Natasha Brewley (aka Chef Beee). Originally from Guyana, South America and raised in Brooklyn, New York, she now resides in Atlanta, GA. As a wife, mother, she believes in integrating a holistic lifestyle with sound business practices for overall growth and success. With extensive training in business coaching through Hello Seven, raw food preparation, integrative nutrition health coaching, and a PhD in Mathematics Education and MBA in Finance, she brings a unique blend of expertise to her coaching practice.

At Nyansapo Wellness Institute, we aim to help you create balance while growing your business. With careful planning, consistency, and a mindset shift, you can achieve all your business and wellness goals. Schedule your Be Well Discovery Call today and let us guide you towards a balanced and thriving lifestyle.

~Chef Beee