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At The Healing Me First Wellness Center, we are passionate about empowering black women entrepreneurs like you to achieve balance and success in all areas of your life while growing your business. Located in Duluth, Georgia, our Center is a haven where you can find business coaching and holistic wellness experiences that will nurture your mind, body and soul. Our offerings help you to prioritize self-care, align with your purpose work, select nourishing foods for vitality and we equip you with the necessary tools to develop and scale your business. As Certified Hello Seven Business Coaches, we will work with you to achieve a sound business structure that is the basis for growth.

Our Services

Plant-Based Cooking Classes to Nourish and Thrive
Discover the incredible benefits of a plant-based diet through our hands-on cooking classes. Led by an experienced chef, these classes are designed to help you create delicious, nutritious meals that will boost your energy and support your overall well-being. Whether you're a seasoned cook or a beginner in the kitchen, our classes will inspire and empower you to incorporate more plant-based goodness into your daily life.

Business Coaching for Empowered Entrepreneurship
Transform your entrepreneurial journey with Dr. D Natasha Brewley aka Chef Beee and her team of Certified Hello Seven Business Coaches. Our dedicated coaches understand the unique challenges faced by black women in the business world and we provide tailored strategies and support to help you scale your business. From developing effective marketing strategies to creating a compelling offer, we'll equip you with the necessary tools and mindset needed to achieve your business goals.

Special Workshops for Empowered Growth

Nurture your personal and professional growth with our special workshops designed exclusively for black women entrepreneurs. These workshops cover a range of topics, from leadership development and self-care practices to financial literacy and networking skills. Each workshop offers valuable insights, tools, and strategies to help you unlock your full potential and thrive in all aspects of your life.


Cooking Classes & Business Coaching Packages

Bio-Surveys and Essential Oils Readings: Utilizing GSR technology, we uncover personalized wellness insights to enhance your overall health. Ready to kickstart your journey to a healthier lifestyle? Book a session now!

The Book and Cook Experience: Experience the transformative benefits of cooking your own food from the Let Plants Nourish You cook book.

Holistic Business Accelerator (5 Sessions): Dive deep into valuable insights and strategies through five impactful coaching sessions. Unleash your business's true potential and lay a strong foundation for growth.

No matter which package you choose, we prioritize your well-being. By stepping fully into wellness, you'll achieve the balance and fulfillment necessary for long-term success in your life and business.

Business Coaching & Cooking Class Packages

Let's Take You to New Heights
Plant-Based Meal Prep Sundays

Plant-Based Meal Prep Sundays

Start your week with an immersive cooking class where you'll explore the world of plant-based meal prepping. Get ready to kickstart your work week by learning how to prep nutritious meals that will fuel your body and energize your days.
Book & Cook Virtual Experience

Book & Cook Virtual Experience

Get the book and learn how to cook as well. Purchase a copy of the Let Plants Nourish You cookbook and also gain entry into a virtual cooking class where you will prepare two mouthwatering recipes from the book.
Transform & Thrive w/Plant-Based Foods

Transform & Thrive w/Plant-Based Foods

Learn how to up your game in the kitchen with plant-based foods in a culinary health education fundamentals (CHEF) coaching program. You will learn how to use food as medicine, choose healthy food substitutes, and more.
Bio-Survey & Essential Oil Reading

Bio-Survey & Essential Oil Reading

We use galvanic skin response (GSR) technology to determine what you need in order to improve your overall wellbeing. Learn how you can begin making meaningful changes to your wellness and lifestyle.
Holistic Business Accelerator

Holistic Business Accelerator

If you're seeking clarity on positioning your offer, elevating your self-care practice or simply just require a sounding board and some brainstorming sessions to move things forward in your business, you've come to the right place.


The Perfect Getaway★★★★★

I decided to join Chef Beee on this retreat because I was having some challenges that were quite depressing. I did not like feeling like this at all. I listened to my intuition and was guided to go on The Palate Reset. Knowing Chef Beee I knew I would be taken care of and nurtured. I also knew the owner of the resort and the yoga instructor so my heart led me to the decision to go. I knew I would be in a love filled environment.  It was one of the best decisions I made. I definitely felt as though I received deep healing for my spirit. I am so thankful because this experience far exceeded any expectations I may have had. The Palate Reset definitely pushed my reset button. I immediately began to feel better physically and emotionally. After the first day, the pain in my lower back went away. I can’t put it on one thing but it was a combination of the great food, swimming in the pool, the wonderful therapeutic yoga and the excellent massage. This whole experience showed me I can feel joyful and to do the things that nurture my spirit. I feel like my light came back on. Chef Beee has every detail well thought out. It’s great to sit back and enjoy because everything is handled. Not only Chef Beee, but also the host of the resort and the yoga instructor. All are top rated service professionals. I definitely recommend this trip. It is money well spent. Sometimes we have to step out of our comfort zone to get to the next level. Go ahead and push your reset button. You won’t regret it. There is much value in what you will receive.

Aba B.
June 9, 2023

Life-Changing Experience★★★★★

For a while, I had been searching for a wellness retreat to attend. After learning of Chef Beee’s Palate Reset, I instantly knew this was the one for me. The reason I chose Chef Beee’s retreat was because of the amazing benefits I had already received from working with her in the past. Little did I know how transformative this Palate Reset would be. This retreat was one of the most heartfelt, soul-soothing, and rewarding experiences I have ever had. The gorgeous setting, nurturing atmosphere and the acceptance and support of the others were all invaluable to me. I found it refreshing each day to relax and reset with things like yoga, meditation, pool time, great conversations, and the most incredible food.
Chef Beee as well as the host of the Villa, made each guest feel safe, welcomed, and well cared for. And after just four days, it felt like I had found my center, inner peace, and the feeling of a whole body, mind renewal. I cannot express enough how grateful I am to Chef Beee as well as the villa host and her staff for hosting such an incredible and amazing retreat.
As anyone can see, my trip far exceeded all of my expectations, and I highly recommend this reset to anyone looking to reconnect with themselves. I promise you it will be one of the most rewarding and incredible experiences you will ever have.

Alicia Kessey
June 10, 2023

Amazing Experience★★★★★

I joined my mother on the Palate Reset retreat in Jamaica after the host, Chef Beee, suggested it. It turned out to be an amazing trip for both of us to unwind, relax, and heal after a stressful school year. Everyone at the retreat, including the resort owner, made me feel extremely welcome and accepted. I was a little hesitant about the food at first, but everything was delicious, even for a younger teen like me!It was a few weeks before the reset that school had ended for me and I was feeling very drained. School work had taken a lot of energy from me and left me feeling unmotivated and tired. The reset helped me not only to refocus my eating habits, which had become a bit questionable, but also allowed me to heal my spirit and clear my mind from the stress. Morning meditations allowed me to enter the day with a calm and clear mind, and following up with professional Yoga instructor Ms. Orah El allowed me to open up my body and really release any tension.After the reset, I plan on continuing with these practices because I felt the benefits of them even after only four days.Having multiple well trained chefs making the food took away the pressure of cooking, cleaning, and shopping. The rooms are comfortable and private, as well as clean. The activities planned were fun, educational, and relaxing, including the massage. We never had to worry about anything while we were there.I would recommend this trip to anyone with an open mind who would like to get away.

Nia Kessey
June 10, 2023

Palate Reset-Jamaica IS A MUST!!!!★★★★★

I had the pleasure of joining Chef Beee on the first ever Palate Reset-Jamaica!!I want to start by saying that I wasn’t sure how the trip would go because the extended plane ride made me nauseous. Chef Bee checked in with me and upon learning of my condition she met me with a fresh coconut and a fruit plate to settle my stomach. It gave me so much life. She was very attentive and accommodating to my needs in the moment. I FELT LOVED and we literally had just met.I was apprehensive about the week long vegan food because it isn’t my typical "go to" back home. Maybe the occasional meal here or there but nothing consistently vegan. This was my first time eating Chef Bee’s food and it was truly a DELIGHT. I was introduced to new food that I thought I would never eat and old food that typically I would refuse to eat. Chef Bee prepared the most delicious meals the entire trip and I’m still searching to imitate them to this day BUT CAN’T! LolChef Bee was also VERY accommodating to my dietary restrictions and dislikes.Our daily yoga was a breath of fresh air and truly made you feel like you were one with the world.We had an herbalist to visit and teach us about how the earth’s plants right in your back yard can heal us.Chef Bee also scheduled ocean front massages and I don’t even know how to describe it. YOU JUST HAD TO BE THERE!The complimentary "All white" sunset and intention setting cruise put the icing on the cake and was a perfect send off back to reality.

Nia Love
January 17, 2022


I HAD A WONDERFUL TIME!!! Chef Bs food was delicious! Healthy, Delicious, AND Filling! We had great excursions and the other people on the reset with me were lovely! Great and Healthy Food, Great Villa we stayed in, Great People on the trip with me and Great Excursions! Beautiful Experience!!!!💙💙💙 Will definitely be back!!!

Ama, T.
December 20, 2022

Palate Reset Jamaica 2022★★★★★

First of all, THE FOOD WAS BEAUTIFUL, DELICIOUS, NUTRITIOUS, COLORFUL, AND UNIQUE. Chef Beee is a master at what she does.Visiting the farm was so nice because we toured the entire garden with Lorna. We got to see and learn about all the different types of food and medicine they were growing.There was a presentation done by an Herbalist named Congo. He had so many different wild organic herbs and juices. We had a Q&A session with him as well.There was a Guest Chef who worked with Chef Beee to prepare some of our meals, Chef Stephanie. The two together are MAGIC at its finest. Literally!We had poolside massages and yoga everyday. The relaxing massage was exactly what I needed to kick off my weekend of zen. My husband enjoyed his massage too and that makes me happy!!!We wore all white on The Sunset Cruise and all looked so good. The photographer and videographer added an extra element. We sailed off into the sunset as we jammed to tunes of Oldies But Goodies, some current music, and definitely some Reggae and Afrobeats. Chef Beee served us some absolutely delicious food on the boat. I truly enjoyed that experience.We had so many meaningful conversations. We did have some free time to do the things we wanted to do outside of the scheduled activities. It allowed us to have the well rounded experience of the island culture as well as have our palate reset by enjoying top tier plant based food prepared by one of the BEST CHEFS IN THE WORLD!

Ashley Manuel
December 20, 2022

Never failed to impress★★★★★

Chef Beee is Heaven sent. She is a master at combining different food and flavorings together to have your tastebuds partying. She blew my mind when she made a vegan akee dish, the pumpkin soup, the porridge, the fruit plates, there were so many favorites! Chef Beee also incorporated herb education with a local herbalist named Congo. He taught us how there are many things in our own backyard that could heal us as well as sustain us.Then we toured a local coconut farm. But they didn’t just grow coconuts, they had every other fruit native to Jamaica growing on their 35 acres. Our guide Lorna had a vast knowledge of the fruits and herbs and their history and origins.When we did the sunset cruise with our own paparazzi it had me feeling like a celebrity. My wife and I were able to sit on the front of the boat as it cut across the waves in the ocean. Good music, good vibes, and good rum punch equals good times.Chef Beee has made it quite easy for my wife and I to decide to come back to The Palate Reset Jamaica. Even if we don’t travel abroad, The Palate Reset is an amazing experience to share with Chef Beee as one of my guides in my wellness journey.

Chile M.
December 20, 2022

Relax release RESET★★★★★

The Jamaica Palate Reset has been Ahmazinngg!!If you ever needed a life affirming experience, this is it.From the most breathtaking views at the ZYANI Resort to daily yoga, to meals that excite the taste buds and nourish your body/soul to curated visits to local venues with a wonderful group of people. The sunset cruise was the truth. I could go on and on...Thank you Chef Beee for creating a memorable experience. Namaste 🙏

Lisa B.
December 20, 2022

My Jamaica 🇯🇲 Palate Reset 2022★★★★★

I was challenged to do something out of my "comfort zone", something unexpected of my character and within 3-days, I was presented with this trip. When I told my adviser what I was doing, she flipped with excitement.This trip did not disappoint - everything from the food, the activities the fellowship with the other participants (who were strangers at the beginning, but are now friends in the end).We got to see the island 🏝️, dance with the locals, tour the farmlands and sail the seas. It was absolutely AWESOME.I think my advisor would agree that my assignment has been completed.Thanks Chef!!!

Kenya A. Smith
December 20, 2022