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We offer Essential Meals 2Go! meal service, Seasonal Cleanses, a Membership Support Community, our comprehensive program Healing Me First: Transform & Thrive with Plant-Based Foods, and more! Schedule your initial 30-Minute Be Well Discovery Call and learn how to bring balance to your lifestyle by incorporating plant-based foods and wellness tools.

The Palate Reset 10-Day Guided Cleanse

THE PALATE RESET is our signature seasonal plant-based guided group cleanse starting again on March 21-30th. It is designed to address our overworked taste buds and addictions to salt and sugar while cleansing various body systems.

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Healing Me First | Transform & Thrive with Plant-Based Foods Culinary Course and Coaching Program

Transitioning to a healthier diet and need to incorporate more plant-based foods? Do you want to learn how to create awesome plant-based foods with an active online community? Then this is the program for you! We will give you the tools and support you need to up your game in the kitchen. 


Essential Meals 2Go!

We know that you are itching to eat better, incorporating more plants in your diet, but just may not be able to find the time to make that leap yourself. ESSENTIAL MEALS 2GO! meal service is your stepping stone to incorporating more nutrient rich plant-based foods into your diet.

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Join the HEALING ME FIRST COMMUNITY and become part of a tribe of health seekers passionate about elevating their wellness.

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