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SUBSCRIBE AND SAVE! You can enjoy our delicious and nutritious meal plans on a schedule that suits you. When you subscribe to our weekly plan, you'll save 10% on your order, and 5% if you choose the every two weeks option. Don't miss out on effortless, mouthwatering meals delivered straight to your taste buds!

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Welcome to Nyansapo Wellness Institute! We specialize in helping you get on track with your health and wellness. Our offerings help you to prioritize self-care, align with your purpose, select nourishing foods for vitality and we equip you with the necessary tools to develop and succeed in your well-being. We do this through our weekly meal prep program, Essential Meals 2Go!, In-Person and Virtual Cooking Classes, Seasonal Cleanses and more! Schedule your initial Be Well Discovery Call and learn how to bring balance and create a wholistic lifestyle.



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