We are Gearing Up for the Spring ... It's Time to Shift Things

Mar 16, 2024
We are Gearing Up for the Spring ... It's Time to Shift Things

Greetings Y'all and Happy Saturday!

I don't know about you, but I am really looking forward to warmer weather and more predictable sunny days. In Atlanta, it really does feel like spring is just around the corner. We have been delighted with small teasers of warm weather over the past few of weeks.

I love ebbing and flowing with the seasons. One way that I do this is by leaning in to the foods that are growing and available to eat right now. I love regularly engaging with stewards of the land, like farmers and growers, that can help guide what to eat and choose with food. I am finding that it is becoming more important to cultivate and maintain these kinds of relationships because of all the miseducation that is out there about food and its capabilities. To me, this is part of what it means to live intentionally. Living intentionally in my opinion is purposeful and conscious living that can really help you to stay connected and grounded in what it is that's important for you and what you need right now.

So speaking about living and being intentional, I would like for you to consider thinking about what it is that you do when the seasons change. What practice(s) do you implement for yourself when things begin shifting in the season? When the seasons change some people do some kind of detox or cleanse, whether that is removing extra clothing or things from around the house, getting rid of people in their friend circles that are toxic or shifting from the foods that they were eating all winter. Usually when the seasons beging changing, there is a deep intrinsic desire to shake things up and move things out.

In the new season of spring that is coming, I am inviting you to consider changing up what you regularly consume. Consider drinking more water, eating more leafy greens, or adding more fresh fruits to your daily rotation. There is always some small thing that you can make to support what goal it is that you are working to reach.

Getting Ready for Your Work Week

I wanted to leave you with this recipe that Farmer J. (of Patchwork City Farms) and I put together. A wide variety of lettuce is abundant right now and with that said, it is a perfect time to lay off the bread and lean into making lettuce wraps. Using lettuce will keep you hydrated and keep your eating light. Our Farm Fresh Lettuce Wraps are refreshing and you can truly make some amazing dishes with the lettuce leaves.

Check out this recipe this week. If you decide to try this dish out, for freshness, keep the ingredients separate in an airtight container and then assemble right before you are ready to eat them. I am also including the YouTube Video for you to see how we put it together, but remember, you can create what you want. Lettuce wraps are very versatile. We made our own dressing in the video with a few ingredients, but you can add whatever dressing on wraps that you desire.

Zoom Masterclass is Coming

Don't forget that we have our Super Spring Reboot coming on March 20-21st at 7:00pm EST. If you want to learn more about cleansing in this season using Superfoods and Plant-Based Foods, then this will be the right masterclass for you. You can REGISTER HERE.

Alright...That's it for now!

Take care and I am looking forward to seeing you this week in our Masterclass.

Kisses and Hugs

Chef Beee

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