Frequently Asked Questions


This question reflects the concern of busy professionals looking for practical advice on incorporating plant-based meals and wellness solutions into their hectic lifestyles. In order to best answer this question, we would need to see what your specific goals for eating a plant-based diet are.

Prospective clients may seek more information about the benefits and outcomes of Chef Beee's Palate Reset cleanse to understand its potential impact on their health and lifestyle through a discovery call. 

However, some of the general benefits of The Reboot include weight loss, more energy, clarity of mind and a shift in mindset about plant-based eating. These results vary person-to-person and are not guaranteed by participating in the cleanse experience.

We have quite a few testimonies about the Transform and Thrive culinary program. You can always visit the link on our site to see what people have said. Most of what they have said has to do with finding community and new found self empowerment around plant-based cooking and eating. Visit the link for more testimonies:

We will be offering regular plant-based cooking classes in the months to come. You should consider joining our mailing list in order to get notifications when class dates are announced. These cooking classes will be an opportunity to get familiar with new cooking techniques, ingredients and wellness hacks. Stay tuned for these.

Essential Oils are powerful tools that can be used in your wellness and in your kitchen. In my coaching, I use them to show clients how to utilize them as tools for aromatherapy, meditation and for medicinal use. In the culinary space, I use them to show clients how to elevate the flavor of their foods and how to create beautiful culinary experiences with the oils.

Email/Customer Service:

Placing an order is easy! Visit our website and navigate to the “MENU” tab. Pick the number of meals that you want, then select the associated meal plan. Once you proceed to Checkout be sure to tell us just the meal numbers in the “ORDER INSTRUCTIONS” section (i.e. 1 - 2 - 3).

  1. Absolutely! We are able to swap out certain ingredients from our regular menu. We understand the importance of customization. If customization is of high priority to the customer, we can curate a menu at a separate price from our regular meal prep menu. Contact our customer support team to discuss your dietary needs, and we'll work to tailor a meal plan that fits your requirements.
  2. Also, we do not use common allergens in our meals like soy, dairy and gluten. 

We currently deliver throughout the Metro Atlanta area. We have a flat delivery fee of $25. Outside of our delivery area, we offer shipping nationwide. Rest assured, wherever you are, we can get our meals to you.

No subscriptions are required. We offer flexible options! You can choose to order on a one-time basis or set up recurring payments for regular weekly meal deliveries. There's no minimum commitment, giving you the freedom to tailor your experience.

To schedule a consultation, please visit our “CONTACT” page on the website. Fill out the inquiry form OR book a FREE Be Well Discovery Call during the consultation, we'll discuss your health goals and outline how our coaching program can support you.

Customer satisfaction is our priority. If you encounter any issues with your order, please contact us at within 24 hours of delivery, and we'll work to resolve it. Refunds or exchanges will be provided based on the circumstances.