3 Ways to Stay On Your Food Game This Holiday Season

Nov 17, 2018

We know that during the holiday season, there is a lot of indulgence taking place. You will probably eat foods that you don't normally have in your diet. You may even give yourself permission to consume some unhealthy foods because you don't normally eat these at all, saying "What's eating that dish going to do to me anyway, I am just going to eat what I want this holiday and have a good time." While the holiday season is a wonderful time to connect with family and friends it is also an important time to stay on your food game so you don't get too far off track and have to make drastic changes to get back what you've worked so hard to achieve. If you have any health goals that you are trying to meet during this time, try following these three simple rules so that you can stay on your food game and survive Thanksgiving healthy, happy, and guilt-free.   

1 - Prepare Yourself Mentally

During this time of year, you want to be intentional. If you are going out to eat or are visiting family and friends, prepare yourself mentally for what kinds of foods you will probably be confronted with that may be super hard to resist. Find out what is on the menu before you go anywhere. Don't go to events super hungry because this is when we get into the most trouble and make poor food choices. Remember to drink plenty of water with lemon or lime essential oils. It keeps the palette cleansed of sugars and salts. For the record, you really don't need those sweet treats even though your head might be telling you otherwise. 


2 - Choose Healthier Plant-Based Options

If you do go out to eat, try choosing the healthier plant-based options. To diversify the food table at an event that you may attend, offer to bring a couple healthy dishes so that you have something nutritious to eat. Big beautiful salads with a variety of veggies are awesome contributions that you can prepare for a holiday event. Roasted vegetables are another awesome addition to a food table. Try the Roasted Purple Cauliflower & Brussels Sprouts in a Spicy Vinaigrette I have posted on the Recipe Blog.


3 - Pace Yourself Small Portions Please

Another thing that we may do during this time of year is overeat unhealthy foods like, cakes, pies, and foods high in saturated fats. Even if you do eat foods out of your norm, go easy and don't overdue it. Pace yourself when you are at an event. Try eating in small portions -- think of it like a tasting menu -- rather than filling up your plate to the brim. There really is no need to overindulge. During the holidays, there are plenty of opportunities to try foods that are new and different but remember keep the portions in small amounts. Use these as opportunities to explore new tastes. There is little guilt in small bites.


The most important thing is to have fun in all of this and remember a little goes a long way and just don't overdue it.

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