Simple Ways to Detox the Body Before the Holiday Season

Nov 22, 2018

The holiday season is just around the corner. This can be a time where we lose ourselves while indulging and can make food choices that don't always serve us well. I am a strong believer in cleansing the body on an ongoing basis even before the holiday season kicks in. Detoxing is the process of removing toxins from the body in order for it to perform optimally. I just celebrated my 45th birthday and usually follow this time with some sort of cleanse. The body can do this action naturally, if given the chance and support. There are some simple things that you can incorporate in your normal routine that will help the body move this process along. 


1 - Make Small Changes in Your Diet - Choose Detoxing Foods. There are so many foods that can aid in the detoxing process. For instance, did you know that fresh cilantro or even CILANTRO Essential Oil helps to remove heavy metals from the blood? Try using fresh herbs, greens, and sprouts more this month to detox the liver and colon. You can also add lemon juice or LEMON Essential Oil to your water so that you can do double duty during the day of cleansing and hydrating your insides. 


2 - Dry Skin Brushing.  The skin is the largest organ on the body. Skin brushing is an amazing tool that you can use to stimulate the lymphatic system. This is responsible for removing cellular waste and toxins from the body. When it gets backed up, it can contribute to inflammation and disease proliferation. Skin brushing is an effective way to cleanse the body and rid it of harmful toxins. You can use TURMERIC Essential Oil on the skin and you can take internally under the tongue. 

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