An Agape Day Sweet Treat For Ya

Feb 14, 2024
An Agape Day Sweet Treat For Ya

Hey Hey Hey Y'all!


Since it is V-Day, I just wanted to send you some Agape today! Yeah Yeah, for those of you that don't know, agape means Love. Matter of fact, it is a very deep kind of love where you extend help or demonstrate good intentions to others.

So in the spirit of agape, I wanted to send you all a little healthy seasonal sweet treat that you can make today for someone that you love. This one is not conventional but damn good! It is our Carrot and Apple with Citrus Glaze a recipe that Farmer J. conjured up last week at Farm Fresh Fridays. Y'all...It's amazing and you can absolutely put this on the top of vanilla ice cream or some wonderful pastry. Just a few ingredients, but wowsers, DELISH! Check out the Video Here on how we put it together and just for agape measure, I am also including a little recipe card along with it.

Y'all see how much I loooooovvvvvveee ya? Alright so I hope that you enjoy this one. As always, let me know.

We are still adding names to our Black History Month List. Take a look at who made the list HERE.


See you soon and Happy Agape Day!



Chef Beee

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