We are Black History!

Feb 03, 2024
We are Black History!

Greetings Everyone and Happy February!


As we begin Black History Month (BHM), I noticed that this year is a leap year. As you know, this comes around only once every 4 years. So I got to thinking, then I got a little excited. I realized that we have a total of 29 days this month to amplify the accomplishments of black and brown people. I am choosing to share our accomplishments in the health, wellness and business space because we often overlook how many inventions and innovations we benefit from in some of these areas. Since we are three days into February, I wanted to share three facts (one for each day thus far) that you may or may not know about:


BHM Fun Fact 1 (February 1st) - Percy Julian fought against segregation and other challenges to become a leading innovator in synthetic chemistry. His numerous inventions range from the fire retardant Aerofoam to treatments for glaucoma and rheumatoid arthritis. He was granted over 130 patents during his lifetime and is a celebrated innovator who broke down barriers for future scientists from underrepresented groups.


BHM Fun Fact 2 (February 2nd) - Nancy Boyd-Franklin is a renowned psychologist and writer. Boyd-Franklin specializes in issues that affect Black families and communities, and she has been instrumental in creating new therapeutic approaches that address the mental health of Black Americans that also expand treatment options for this community.


BHM Fun Fact 3 (February 3rd) - As a renowned medical researcher for cancer detection, May Edward Chinn developed a protocol for cancer probability predictions using family medical history.


FOLLOW ALONG WITH US THIS MONTH for some more cool facts that highlight some of the amazing things that Black people have contributed to health, wellness, and business. Don't worry, I won't crowd your Inbox, but when I do publish a newsletter like I did here, I will give you a few facts at a time.


Here are a Few Reminders at the close of the week:

1. We have a great Essential Meals 2Go! Menu for February 1-15th. Don't forget that we now have a subscription program where you can get healthy and delicious plant-based meals weekly. When you subscribe, you will save. The ordering window is now on Saturdays by 5:00 pm EST. You can order HERE. and here is a quick snapshot of the Menu:

2. We started Farmer Fresh Fridays back again this past Friday! The weather seems to be in and out of being good. You can find me and Farmer J. at Patchwork City Farms on Fridays from 3:00-6:00pm EST.


Alright, there are some other things coming up at the Healing Me First Wellness Center, stay tuned for that. If you would like to be added to the mailing list for communication only about the Wellness Center, please reply to this email and let me know.


Have an amazing Saturday and I will chat with you all soon!

Hugs and Kisses,

Chef Beee

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