It's October and Things Are About to Change

Oct 03, 2023

This month is going to be soooo E P I C!

Before you start reading, I am warning you upfront, this email may be a little longer than usual.

There are so many things share and to celebrate this October. For one, I am turning The Big 50 and I am super excited about all that is coming up at this point in my life. Moving forward, I wanted to tell you how I would like to communicate with you here. At the top of the week, I will send out any events or important news about where I am planning on showing up around town, farmers markets, chef demos, special events, special deals I am offering, etc. you get the picture.

...And on Fridays, I am bringing back my newsletter and renaming it, Healing Me First which is connected to our podcast. In these Friday newsletters I am planning on sharing some of the things that I have been thinking about as it relates to longevity, plant-based eating, testimonies from folks that I have talked to about healing, my travels, and just the art of living from my perspective. I am so excited to bring these Friday newsletters back. I want each and every one of you to live an amazing life and sometimes, we need a little inspiration to move the needle forward in our wellness when things get a little challenging. We are all works in progress, right?

So, since this is the top of the week, I have a cool special for you that I am offering for my Birthday Month. In addition to celebrating my 50th this month, we are also celebrating, the 5th Anniversary of the Let Plants Nourish You cookbook and our Snackages! Snack Box's recent feature recent feature in the Atlanta Journal and Constitution newspaper!

So because of all of this amazingness, we are offering The Ultimate Fall Reboot Bundle. The Bundle is a combination of these things:

🧑🏾‍🍳Chef Beee’s Fall Seasonal eGuide
☎️An Exclusive 1-on-1 Fall Check-in Wellness Call
📒Let Plants Nourish You Cook Book (Spiral Bound)
🍱Snackages! Healthy Plant-Based Snack Box
📄The Palate Reset eGuide
⏲️One Plant-Based Cooking with Essential Oils eGuide
🎁MORE Exclusive Goodies...

I just wanted to give you all something wonderful to celebrate with me this month. You can check out the Bundle HERE. My goal is to touch at least 50 people with this Bundle. I want folks getting on calls with me and to begin thinking about the amazing goals they want to set for themselves this quarter into 2024. If you want to give me something for my birthday, give me the opportunity to give you the gift of wellness. So get a Reboot Bundle!

Alright, I think I ran my mouth long enough. Before I go, look for us this week at the East Atlanta Village Farmers Market on Thursday, Farm Fresh Friday at Patchwork City Farms or at Atlanta Harvest on Sunday.

Talk to you soon and I hope that the start to your week is as powerful as you are!

Peace and Blessings,

Chef Beee

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