Healing Me First Transform & Thrive With Plant-based Foods Culinary Course & Coaching Program

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Healing Me First: Transform and Thrive with Plant-Based Foods to Create a Balanced and Empowered Lifestyle Culinary Course & Coaching Program

Learn how to up your game in the kitchen with plant-based foods in a culinary health education fundamentals (CHEF) coaching program. You will learn how to use food as medicine, incorporate flavor combinations, efficiently execute batch cooking, create raw and living foods, choose healthy food substitutes, use essential oils and more.

Join the Healing Me First Cooking Tribe with Chef Beee for a fun, delightful, interactive, 6-Month culinary and health coaching experience. Enjoy a warm and engaging online cooking journey with a community of others who are learning to heal themselves first through plant-based foods.


"I believe that people should get together to cook, fellowship and heal themselves, one day at a time. What better way to do this than in a community setting." - Chef Beee 

- Chef Beee

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By the end of this course, students will be able to:

✓ Improve skills in food preparation of plant-based foods in the kitchen.

✓ Use and develop the understanding on how to safely and effectively use essential oils in plant-based cooking.

✓ Prepare and develop a deeper understanding on how to prepare vital RAW foods.

✓ Prepare and develop a deeper understanding on how to prepare vital fermented foods for gut health.

✓ Learn what different food cravings mean.

✓ Learn healthy and practical ways to manage food. cravings with plant-based foods.

✓ Have an arsenal of plant-based pantry items that are gotos when cooking.

✓ Develop a repertoire of international style plant-based foods and recipes that can be prepared at anytime.

✓ Know the various foods that are associated with supporting a particular disease and how to use them to eat food as medicine.

✓ Know the various foods and the nutrition needed with supporting a particular disease.

✓ Develop confidence in the kitchen to approach food preparation with care and ease.

"We not only share the experience of cooking but we also lift each other up in spiritual ways."

- Nell C.

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✓ Twelve Hours of LIVE Virtual Plant-Based Cooking Sessions

✓ Culinary Use of Essential Oils and Education

✓ LIVE Health Coaching Support

✓ Private Interactive Community

✓ Monthly Client Check-Ins.

✓ Wellness Resources for Success

✓ How to Use Food As Medicine

✓ How to Manage Cravings

✓ Optimal Plant-Based Foods to Include in Your Diet

✓ Plus LIVE Q&A with Chef Beee

✓ Access to our Wellness Squad (which includes a Registered Dietitian and Integrative Physician)

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Module Intro I: Course Introduction (Culinary Foundations)

Module Intro II: Plant-Based Nutrition

Module One: Eat to Thrive-Food as Medicine

Module Two: Basic Plant-Based Cooking Methods with Essential Oils (Liquid & Dry Ingredients)

Module Three: Plant-Based Kitchen & Pantry Essentials

Module Four: Flavor Balancing, Seasonings & Substitutes

Module Five: Efficient Meal Prepping

Module Six: RAW and LIVE Plant-Based Food Preparation

Module Seven: Beee’s Style of Cooking - Afro Caribbean Asian Fusion

PAID IN FULL COURSE CONTENT BONUS: Two 8-Week Essential Oil Lifestyle Courses (Make Along Course & Heal Thyself Course)

"I am now back on track with my health and can fully incorporate all that I was taught not only to enhance my health but to empower my friends and family to do the same."

- Frederica T.

Frequently Asked Questions

Students meet LIVE virtually twice a month and the duration of class is about 1 - 1.5 hours. Outside of classes, students should plan to budget about 1-2 hours weekly to review content and complete recipes.

You have lifetime access to the course after it has ended.

The duration of the course is six months. 

Some special kitchen equipment is recommended but is not mandatory. This is all described in detail in the course and can help you to be successful.

We want to make sure that all students are successful in our program. Students will be able to connect with instructors and other students in a virtual community for additional support.

Once you pay for this course, 25% of the course is no longer refundable. We’ll work with you on a case-by-case basis if special situation arises within the first week of the course. But, after 7 days of your enrollment, we no longer offer any refunds.

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This course also includes 32-hours of video content that you will be able to complete at your own pace PLUS LIVE Virtual cooking and Q&A sessions with Chef Beee.

By the end of this course, you will have more confidence in creating beautiful, delicious, healthy plant-based foods using essential oils that you and your whole family can enjoy! Learn how to support your healing from the inside out.


✓ Access to an Online Portal with all Course Content

✓ Personal Monthly Check-Ins

✓ Private Interactive Virtual Community

✓ Wellness Resources for Success

✓ Certificate of Completion from the Course once all materials are adequately completed.

✓ One Copy of the "Let Plants Nourish You" Cookbook

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