IN PERSON - Meal Prep Sundays Cooking Class


Welcome to Plant-Based Meal Prep Sundays, an immersive in-person cooking class where you'll explore the world of plant-based meal prepping with renowned chef, Chef Beee. Get ready to kickstart your work week by learning how to prep delicious and nutritious plant-based meals that will fuel your body and energize your days.

📍 Location: Healing Me First Wellness Center, Duluth, GA

🕒 Class Time: Sunday @12:00pm EST 

👀 Class Theme for June 30th: "SEASONAL HARVEST" - Celebrate the bounty of each season with fresh, locally sourced produce, and savor the vibrant flavors and nutrients that nature provides. Explore the connection between sustainable, seasonal ingredients and delectable plant-based meals that nourish both body and environment."

👀 Class Theme for July 7th: "PLANT-BASED COMFORT FOODS" - Celebrate classic comfort foods reinvented in a plant-based format. From hearty stews and creamy soups to satisfying grain bowls and comforting pasta dishes, this class focuses on creating wholesome, familiar meals without sacrificing flavor or satisfaction.

🏫 Class Duration: 3.0 Hours 

🧆 Style of Instruction: Hands-On 

📈 Cooking Level: Accessible to All Cooking Levels

Class Highlights:

  • Hands-On Plant-Based Meal Prep: Under the expert guidance of Chef Beee, you will engage in two plant-based meal preparations, gaining practical experience in prepping and planning your weekly meals.
  • Sustainable Meal Prep Tips: Discover Chef Beee's insider tips and strategies for creating sustainable plant-based meal plans, including how to extend the life of your meals and minimize food waste. We will also share efficient ingredient organization, time-saving cooking methods, and smart storage practices to make your meals last.
  • Take-Home Creations: Participants will have the pleasure of taking their plant-based meal creations home, ready to enjoy throughout the work week, along with a snack and a beverage.

Exclusive Benefits:

  • Plant-Based Recipe Collection: A recipe collection featuring the plant-based meals prepared during the class will be provided, empowering you to continue incorporating these delicious dishes into your weekly routine.
  • Interactive Learning: Engage with Chef Beee in a supportive environment, where you can ask questions, learn about plant-based nutrition, and share ideas with fellow participants.
  • Tips and Strategies: Chef Beee will share invaluable meal prep tips, including efficient ingredient organization, time-saving cooking methods, and smart storage practices to make your meals last.

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Experience the joy of plant-based cooking and revolutionize your meal prep routine by joining Chef Beee and a community of plant-based enthusiasts for Plant-Based Meal Prep Sundays. Discover the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle and gain the skills to create nourishing, sustainable meals that will leave you feeling vibrant and satisfied throughout the week.