Lifestyle Reboot Summer Sale

Jul 31, 2023
Lifestyle Reboot Summer Sale

We are excited to announce our summer sale, The Palate Reset Lifestyle Reboot, our done for you rejuvenating cleanse experience designed to refresh your body and revive your taste buds. In celebration of National Wellness Month, get ready to embark on a two-week journey of plant-based goodness starting in August. For the month of August, we will be offering the Palate Reset at 15% off AND you will also get two weeks of meals and support instead of one.

During The Palate Reset, we'll guide you through a carefully curated two week program that focuses on resetting your palate and reaping the benefits of plant-based foods. This cleanse is divided into two distinct phases (raw and cooked foods), each offering its unique advantages for your health and well-being.

Week One: Raw Reset

For the first week of The Palate Reset, we'll introduce you to the wonders of raw food. Prepare to awaken your senses with plant-based goodness bursting with fresh ingredients. By consuming raw, uncooked plant-based meals, you'll flood your body with living enzymes, vitamins, and minerals, supporting gut health, and boosting your natural energy levels.

During Week One, we'll provide you with an array of mouthwatering meals, along with tips to help you navigate that first week. Rest assured, we will be right there to support you with coaching and support.

Week Two: Cooked Revitalization

Transitioning into the second week of The Palate Reset, we'll explore the realm of cooked plant-based meals. We will provide meals from our Essential Meals 2Go! August menu. Embrace the comforting aromas and flavors of seasonal soups, nourishing stews, and roasted veggies. By incorporating cooked plant-based dishes into your cleanse, you'll unlock even more essential nutrients, promoting optimal digestion, and supporting overall vitality.

Don't worry about getting bored with repetitive meals - we've got you covered with exciting and diverse options tailored to satisfy your taste buds and culinary cravings.

Throughout The Palate Reset, we'll provide you with comprehensive guidance, wellness tips, and inspiration to keep you motivated and engaged. You'll also have access to our community support network, where you can connect with fellow cleanse participants, gain inspiration, and share your journey.

Prepare to embrace a new chapter of refreshment, rejuvenation, and culinary exploration. Join The Palate Reset Lifestyle Reboot today and let's embark on a transformative plant-based cleanse experience together. It's time to reset, revitalize, and rediscover the incredible potential of your palate!

Visit the link to learn more about The Palate Reset - Lifestyle Reboot Summer Sale Today! -

Take Care for Now!

Chef Beee and Team

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