We Are Shaking Things Up in December

Dec 01, 2023
We Are Shaking Things Up in December

Hello December!

You have asked and we have listened. Starting this month, look forward to trying a new Essential Meals 2Go! menu every two weeks instead of monthly. We will be changing when the menu drops in December to the beginning of the month and at the middle which will allow you to get more meal prep variety.

We always encourage your feedback, so please we would love to hear from you on if this works for you and what other ways we can improve your service with meal prep.

Remember, orders need to be in by Saturday at noon and we offer pick-up, delivery, and shipping nationwide starting on Monday afternoon.

Get Your Essential Meals 2Go! orders in here!

As always, you can come and see us at two markets throughout December, Farm Fresh Fridays at Patchwork City Farms from 3-6pm EST AND Atlanta Harvest at on Sundays from 11-5pm EST.


We Hope to See You Soon!

Chef Beee and Team

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