Dec 05, 2022

Hello Beautiful People and Happy December!

We have a lot of great things happening this month. First and foremost, we are taking a much-needed break from meal prep this week and next week. We will be out of the country at The Palate Reset - Jamaica Retreat from December 6-20th. The actual retreat is Dec 15-20th. We will resume Essential Meals 2Go! meal prep starting December 17th, 2022 for Pick-up/Delivery on December 25, 2022. Don't forget that we ship nationwide.

In the meantime, we want to get you on the right foot for the new year. We encourage all of you to check out and participate in our The Palate Reset | RAW Food Cleanse. This is our signature, seasonal done for you cleanse. We will be hosting two groups: Group 1 - Starting January 1st and Group 2 Starting January 8th. These are the goodies that you will get in your Cleanse Bundle:

  • Virtual Support Essentially Chef Beee
  • The Palate Reset eBook and Cleanse Guide
  • 5-Single Serving Plant-Based Meals Powered by Essential Meals 2Go!
  • 5-4oz Fresh Cold-Pressed Juices by Abundantly Natural Juices
  • One Tongue Scraper
  • New Body Products (CKLS Cleansing Herbs to cleanse the Colon, Kidney, Liver and Spleen)
  • 5-Day Supply of E3Live E3AFA Brain ON Extract for Focus and Clarity
  • WAZURI Body Scrub for Skin Detoxification
  • ERZULI Black Soap Bar
  • One Essential Meals 2Go! Reusable Shopping Bag

Finally, here is a list of fruits, veggies and essential oils that you can use this month. If you have not JOINED the Facebook Group, Essential Meals That Heal, you can now be a part of our online community. Alright y'all. We hope to see you soon!

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